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Biodegradable plastic bag toilet offers sanitation solution for developing world

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A Swedish company has come up with an innovative solution to lack of toilets in many developing countries – a low cost, single use, biodegradable plastic bag toilet, that protects the environment while turning into fertilizer that can grow crops.

Peepoo (patent pending) is scheduled to be available for delivery in the third quarter of 2010. The personal single use toilet sanitises human excreta shortly after defecation, preventing the faeces from contaminating the environment. And because it is made from biodegradable plastic, the bag soon breaks down while leaving usable fertilizer for crops.

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Created by Peepoople AB, a company founded in 2006 and based in Stockholm, Sweden, the Peepoo was field tested in Bangladesh in May 2009 and in Nairobi in October 2009. The Peepoo Initial Launch Project in Kibera was the first large-scale market pilot, involving 20,000 users. More than 50 people attended the kickoff October 3, 2009 in Kibera, including UNICEF, World Bank, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SEC Soweto East, Silanga Youth Group, and many Kibera residents. The objective was to demonstrate and prove the Peepoo solution on a large scale, exploring the value chain of distribution, usage, collection and reuse, and testing alternative business models.

The low cost Peepoo can be used whenever and wherever needed, in complete privacy. It can be used as an every day toilet or as a complementary toilet at school, at work, or at night. In the Bangladesh field test, organized and financed by GTZ, 80% of the people who tested Peepoo said they would like to use it every day.

The Peepoo makes it possible for a variety of formal or informal, private or public, small- or large-scale disposal systems to be created within communities, because the bag’s design offers a clean, hygienic way to dispose of the waste while the fertilizer it produces offer a valuable product that can be sold. Even if no collecting or disposal services are available, however, the Peepoo’s self-sanitising function means that a discarded bag does not harm the environment, and that every user contributes to society.

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Posted on You Tube April 14, 2009 by peepooplesweden

This story was prepared from information available on the Peepoo website. Also see For pennies, a disposable toilet that could help grow crops, New York Times, March 1, 2010.

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